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Friday, January 13, 2006

Telsima plans of entering capital market with an IPO

Telsima Corporation, a telecom equipment manufacturer, has plans of entering the capital market with an IPO in the next four years. The company yesterday announced the launch of its manufacturing operations in India with an initial investment of USD 20 million.

Focussing on providing broadband wireless access solutions specially designed for the Indian telecom sector, Telsima has plans to garner 50% of its sales from the country.

With Intel Capital, JAFCO, CMEA being some of the leading global players investing in the company, located at Santa Clara, California Telsima also plans to significantly expand its sales and support centre in Gurgaon, Haryana by April 2006.

''Our aim is to provide next generation wireless and broadband solutions and also provide end-to-end networking solutions for emerging markets like India which is poised for a quantum growth in the near future,'' Telsima President and CEO Alok Sharma said.

With a rising demand for affordable broadband services in the country, the company will have on offer cost-effective telecom equipment solutions and primary broadband internet access at affordable prices.

Given that the Indian telecom segment is growing at a rapid pace with tele-density registering a jump of 11% last year, the company has adopted the use of WiMax-based solutions that would enable operators to deploy non-line-of-sight broadband wireless services in dense urban, suburban and rural environments in India.

''Tele density in India has grown rapidly, but broadband penetration still lags behind that of comparable emerging economies like China. We expect broadband connections in the country to rapidly grow to over 20 million by 2010. India is potentially the largest market for WiMAX as a primary access mechanism for broadband access. It is this market we are hoping to tap with a complete product portfolio in telecom equipment and services,'' Telsima Vice President (Worldwide Sales) Ruchir Godura said.

The telecom equipment manufacturer would also offer voice compression products for mobile networks and has plans of entering the capital market with an IPO in the next four years.


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